Patients are usually treated once or twice a week. The number of treatment sessions will vary from patient to patient dependent upon other variables the patient may be dealing with (insomnia, digestive disorders, emotional strains and stressors etc.) In certain instances, patients suffering from xerostomia, an increase in salivary flow can be seen as soon as the first visit and the duration of improvement typically increases as the treatments continue, while other patients may need several treatments to receive an improvement. The focus of the treatments is to get patients into what is known as the “wellness phase” where the patient’s protocol will be dictated by how the overall patient response is. Meaning, once the patient reaches this wellness phase, if they feel good for 15 days, we want to see them in 15 days, if the patient feels good for 30 days, we want to see the patient in 30 days etc., ultimately coming in for treatments and follow ups for overall maintenance and wellbeing.