The NIH Consensus Panel on acupuncture in 1997 concluded that there is evidence that acupuncture is effective for adult postoperative and chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting. Research supports the use of the acupuncture point PC-6 (Neiguan) which is located on the palmar side of the forearm, approximately three fingers above the crease of the wrist, to counteract the adverse flow of Qi which is typically associated with nausea and vomiting. Acu-pressure can be applied to this point by the patient and is often encouraged during treatment to increase the efficacy of the acupuncture treatments and provide patients with relief on their own.

While multiple acupuncture points can help the overall post-operative and chemotherapy-induced side effects, other variables will determine the specific treatment protocols and selected acupuncture points for each individual patient. Although many patients may present with comparable signs and symptoms, treatments, selected acupuncture points and additional therapies warranted can and will vary based on the differential diagnosis performed by the acupuncturist.